ECMASCRIPT Language Specification, Fifth Edition in HTML format.

Additional Information

Sizes: The official specification is 2.47 MB (PDF file), and can be viewed at:
  • The complete online HTML version at ELS5_HTML.htm is ~ 1.1 MB.
    Note that the HTML version is one half the size of the PDF version.
Linking: Sections within the the complete HTML version can be linked to as follows:
  • <a href="\ELS5_HTML.htm#Section_4">Section 4: Overview<a>
  • <a href="\ELS5_HTML.htm#Section_11.2.4.htm">Argument Lists</a>
Individual linkable sections are also provided. This provides a less bandwidth intensive viewing solution. You can create links to the individual sections like this:
  • <a href="\ELS5_Annex_A.htm">Grammar Summary<a>
  • <a href="\ELS5_Section_15.10.1.htm#Section_15.10.1">15.10.1  Patterns</a>
Downloads: ELS5 zip files contain uncompressed, non-minified, raw source files:

Compatibility: ELS5_HTML.htm and the individual section .htm files render identically on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer version 8 and up, Firefox version 3.63 and up,
  • Opera version 10.53 and up, Safari 4.0.3 and up, Chrome 4.0.249 and up.
Earlier browsers have not been tested.

Validation: All HTML files validate perfectly as HTML 4.01 strict at All CSS files validates perfectly as CSS 2.1 at CSS Validation Service. CSS Shadowing and opacity effects will not validate. Therefore, they are added programatically with JavaScript

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