“By being able to pour my inner turmoil onto a canvas, I was able to find my inner peace. The Art Therapy was treatment was not only powerful healing for me, but it gave me a chance to learn a new hobby that I still carry on with today!”


“During my addiction and even after, I was fighting with my depression and it only seemed to get worse. But with the art therapy treatment they had, I was able to find a way to put all those feelings down and empty myself of them. This gave me a chance to rediscover myself and regain who I was before the addiction, back when I was happier and whole.”


“Recovery had been tough because of dealing with withdrawal as well as feeling afraid of showing my face to my friends and family. But working with others in the art therapy sessions showed me that I wasn’t alone, and I did have people who cared about me, both in the sessions and amongst my friends and family. With art, I regained my confidence and was able to get the support I needed from my folks. And I can say that I’ve made great strides since.”


“During and after my addiction, I didn’t have much confidence in myself and felt like I’d never really get out of it. But the art therapy sessions helped me. Working with clay during the group sessions helped restore my confidence as I learned to take pride in the things I created. Now, I can live a life of joyful creation instead of self-destruction.”


“Getting to express myself through art allowed me to take the anger that had driven me to addiction and trap those inner demons in something else. What made it better was how, in the end, I was able to create something that brought not anger, but a joy to those around me. Then, the things I created were not about emptying myself but filling myself with new life. And happiness.”


“The Dance therapy was a great way to help me focus on what I needed to do: recover. When I’m still, it allowed my emotional troubles to weigh on me. The therapy though gave me a way to shake it off. And it’s great exercise, which feels great on its own.”


“When I get stressed from the thoughts of what I had gone through and am trying to recover from, it’s easy to hold that stress in both mind and body. But the dance therapy gave me a way to get it off my mind and relieve the stress from my body as well. There’s a beauty in dance that makes me feel like my body is not damaged beyond repair. There’s life. And I can nurture it.”


“Being depressed from having spent years in addiction led me to feel lethargic and generally not motivated to do anything. The dance therapy gave me the motivation I needed to get back on my feet. But not only that—I made some great friends along the way and now I can’t stop dancing! I’ve gone on to take classes at a school!”


“It’s the ability to express oneself with both mind and body that I found my peace through the energy of the dance therapy program. There was a dark intensity in my head as well as my body that I needed to get out and for a while, I wasn’t sure if I had a way. The therapy gave me that way.”


“I wasn’t much of an active person to begin with, but I also was struggling to find peace in trying to shed my past of addiction. Thanks to the meditation sessions, I was able to come to terms with myself better and push away the doubts I was having about my chances of recovery. Just because I had done wrong in the past, didn’t mean I couldn’t make a better future for myself.”


“Even before I began my treatment, I had intense depression. It was like being in a tunnel where my stress and doubts continually slammed my brain. I had once tried escaping it through my addictions but learned that it wasn’t going to work. The meditation treatment has helped me learn to tackle my problems from within, and I can finally identify the root of my problems and address them instead of trying to escape.”