We are a private organization that specializes in providing new treatment therapies to individuals with addictions. We offer the best addiction therapy using methods such as art therapy, meditation, dance therapy, and patients can participate in theater classes.

Our facility emphasizes making new friends and doing various creative and stimulating activities. Creativity is an important step in individual expression and can replace negative behaviors and impulses like suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and addiction.

Our Services

Art Therapy

Our center gives patients options when it comes to self-expression with art. Patients may not want to talk much, but our strategies can get them to open up through projects like making a collage or mandala drawing.


Addiction often stems from some type of trauma or mental block that keeps the person returning to the destructive behavior. Our mindfulness practices and meditation sessions can bring down those defensive blocks and expose patients to why they cling to the negative in their life and how it has affected them. It starts in the mind and breaking the habit will only happen for sure if the mind has been set on it. We can help with that.

Dance Therapy

Dance movement therapy is highly expressive and emotional. The body often expresses emotions that the tongue holds in and the face hides. It gives a voice to the feelings buried deep inside that lead to destructive behaviors and uncover trauma that has been pushed so deeply the person is almost unrecognizable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide life-changing services to those that need it most. We strive to improve the lives of members and prevent relapses or help them heal after relapsing. Art is a powerful tool when it is utilized properly, and we use all forms to instill a sense of peace and accomplishment within our members.