Cocaine Addiction: What Does it Look Like? 

Cocaine is a very addictive substance. There are a few stages of cocaine addiction and many cocaine addiction stories. We are going to take a peek at what cocaine addiction looks like and what the stages are. 

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a very strong drug. It is a stimulant that comes from the leaves of a coca plant. This plant is native to South America. There are valid reasons to use cocaine. Many medical professionals use it for anesthesia. However, most people use it recreationally. It is a street drug that looks like a white powder. Cocaine may also be referred to as coke, crack, snow, rock, or blow. People will use many different names to refer to cocaine. Generally, cocaine is snorted in through the nose. People may also rub it on their gums, as well. In severe cases, people will inject it into their veins or smoke it. 

Stage One 

This is known as the predisposition to addiction. Genetics can determine how addicted someone can become to cocaine. Those who have family histories are more likely to become addicted. Those who have been pre-disposed are likely to be a higher risk of addiction. This doesn’t mean everyone else is immune, it simply means that people are more likely to become addicts than others. 

Stage Two 

This is where someone will experiment and use the drug casually. Most people are exposed by experimenting with the drug or using it from time-to-time. Those who are already exposed to other drugs may find it easier to try other drugs. Keep in mind that recreational use doesn’t mean that it is safe. Keep in mind that the cocaine leave system in only after three days. However, it can appear in your hair for months and even years. 

Stage Three 

This is when it becomes a habit. People are using it because they are now dependent on it, and they need it mentally and physically. Those who are becoming habitual users may be forming an addiction. The body will become dependent on this drug more and more as you use it. This makes it more difficult for someone to stop using the drug. This also makes it easier to become addicted. 

It is at this stage that people are trying to receive the high they once had. This means they may try other methods of using the drug. People snort cocaine, however, when they are looking for a better high, they may inject or smoke it. This can become very dangerous and expensive. 

Stage Four 

This is when someone cannot go without the drug. It is known as dysfunctional addiction. This is where someone compulsively uses the drug and cannot go without it. They will likely need treatment to live without the drug. Those who are in stage four will have severe impacts on their daily lives. Many people in this stage do not have functioning relationships, steady jobs, or family bonds. Their drug addiction has taken over their life.